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Neil Dixon

When singer-songwriter Neil Dixon moved from Scotland to France in 2003, he didn't forget to pack all the musical culture and the British sound that is so coveted on the other side of the Channel.

Neil Dixon

It takes a little time to settle in, make a home and family, to create a network of friends and musicians, have a few bottles of local wine and find the ideal bandmembers with whom he could share ideas and create new sounds. Mission accomplished when Neil met C├ędric Gerfaud (drums) then later Jacques Caldinelli (bass) and the trio was formed.

The first album "Cold Calling" came out in 2009 and Neil Dixon's sound was enriched with touches of reggae, folk, jazz and world music. The new album "From the ground up" is a back to basics, more acoustic, one take kind of album album which will soon groove its way into your record collection.Neil Dixon- Sevstival


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